Shipments & Arrangements during COVID-19

by AINTEROL® Support


We thank all customers who stick with us through the worst with COVID-19 shipping restrictions. Since the 19th of August 2020, we can process orders to the U.S & Canada. Some awaited since February their packages when the lockdown started in SE Asia. Nothing in - Nothing out. Air cargo was grounded, and air traffic started to be non-existent. Loads of orders were shipped out and all locked in transit points all around the world. Those who claimed & disputed non-received orders. 90% got their package – for free. We sincerely hope you enjoy products and welcome back again.

Those who chose to stay with us and waited – We see it as an “investment.” We gave back to those loyal customers in the form of “Forever -10% Discount”. They also gain either FREE or -50% discount to all future product releases. Our team created a particular discount group which will be active 1st of September. Be patience. We add those unique VIP customers manually from our databases. Once your account is upgraded, you get an email.

Suppose your account and order show “IN PROCESS” since the 19th of August. We are reprocessing your order and ship by using a new Tracking Code. Once we update it, the order status becomes back to “SHIPPED” status. You do receive an email about it. Reshipping takes until the 25th of August 2020.



UPDATE 24th of August:  Remaining U.S orders; 100% Reprocessed. Remaining Canadian orders; 100% Reprocessed. Check from your account the new Tracking Code. Check your email, spam, trash for a new confirmation email. If you cannot find it, just log in to your account and click the order details. 

Today we got good news for Australians. We start to reprocess your orders tomorrow 25th of August 2020. We can ship to Australia. Reshipping will take until the 27th of August 2020 until all Australian orders are processed.

UPDATE 27th of August:  Remaining Australian orders; 100% Reprocessed.

UPDATE 9th of September:  45% of eligible "Forever -10% Discount" group processed. It will be all done manually and will take until 15-17th of September until all eligible accounts are upgraded. This took longer than we expected at the beginning. This is not a "batch" upgrade but one by one.


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